Sep 13

Yesterday I meet with my neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Chaka. They are 80 and 76 years old respectively.

Every home in the estate was represented to there home to discuss some issues with our neighbor hood. I have always admired this couple because apart from the care and respect they show each other, I envy the life they both live together.
They are more than 20 years returned from there careers, both deeply love and respect each other. What surprises me the most about them is the life they live today. They are both in great health and live active lives. They travel to see family and friends, they are active in the local Church and sit on various boards. All this although they remark that as time goes by they have fewer friends and age mates that attend these functions.

As I look at them and hope one day to be retired, with some income to support me but more importantly with the great health to allow me to enjoy the golden years. I asked them what there secret to good healthy living and this is what they shared. Mrs. Chaka said that unlike in there day or that of there parents there is something wrong with our health today. So many of their peers and younger depend on advice and guidance from institutions that may or may not have only our best interest at heart.

They both noticed that over the years it has become very clear that many institutions that they depended on to inform and advice them about the best way to manage different parts of our lives have conflicting interests. In there time there was alot of change, whether it was the education system, the financial landscape and many others.

However much they tried to control some of these aspect of their life it was largely out of there hands except for one, their health and the health of their family. For there health they decided to keep it simple. They choose to keep to there foods of old and shied away from a lot of the current convenience foods. They largely kept the nutritional ways of there forbearers.

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me. They choose to keep to what there parents ate a d they have the same superb health and longevity of there parents. The more I looked into it I also realized that there is a lot of conflicting information. Whether that is on the internet, newspapers, magazines etc.

This conflicting information tells a story of conflicting interests. Whether these conflicting interests are planned or not it is important to be aware of them.
If we look with a spectral eye at various institutions in society today we will see that some are influenced by the:

– Agri business industry
– Pharmaceutical industry
– Healthcare industry.

What this tells me is that if I want to have the kind of life that Mr. And Mrs. Chaka have I should play a more active role in understanding the pillars of good health. We are all blessed to live in the information age, this allows us to get information as long as we know where to look and what to look out for.

From this experience, it gave me the perspective to do some research of my own and I found these videos both interesting and informative. Spend some time viewing them and take the mantle of taking care of your health!

> Dr. T. Colin Campbel Why the science of nutrition is ignored in medicine

> Documentary What the Health

Take about aging and longevity. Dr. Ellsworth Wareham 98 years old

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