Aug 20

Verifying legitimacy of KNBS representatives during the census period

The sixth national census for Kenya is scheduled to take place between 24th and 31st of August 2019, as the first census conducted in the country after the promulgation of the new constitution. The national census is an essential activity  that enables the government to improve its levels of efficiency in terms of allocation of resources to the Kenyan citizens. During this period, it is essential to stay vigilant as malicious people may disguise themselves as Kenya National Bureau of Statistic(KNBS) officials with motives to commit robbery.

Here are some of the ways that you can verify whether or not the census officials that visit your home are legitimate.

Possession of the Census Bureau ID badge. 

Legitimate officials from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistic will provide an ID badge that has their full names, a watermark from the Bureau as well as their photo. It is essential that you request for the ID badge before engaging with any individual claiming to be a representative of the KNBS.

KNBS logos on gadgets and clothing items

The gadgets that will be used by KNBS officials will have a KNBS logo; legitimate officials will also have items of clothing such as t-shirts, reflector jackets, and bags with the Census Bureau logo.

Letters and forms with KNBS logo

Genuine representatives from the Census Bureau will provide an official letter from the Bureau with a require to visit your home. All the forms that will be used to collect the census information will also have the KNBS logo.

Field representatives from the Census Bureau are obligated to provide you with contacts of the individual in charge of the region which you can use for verification purposes.

It is essential to use these tips to identify legitimate representatives from the census bureau to prevent instances of theft or robbery by criminals disguising as officials.

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