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Moving from home is always said to be one of the very most hectic and stressful events in one’s personal life. Even more so when it comes to moving to a totally different continent and country, the level of stress involved can increase. For a successful relocation, choosing the best removal company is key; Taylor Movers East Africa will make sure your belongings are securely packed, loaded, transported and unloaded to your final destination.

Most people move for various reasons, it’s either for personal reasons, relocated by employer, because of kids or to join ones family, and research is an important factor.
This can be done online, through the Expat forums and communities, in these kinds of forums one can get to know a lot about life in a particular country.
Keep in mind that most people feel very safe talking about how homesick they are or what exactly they don’t like about the new home, so don’t get distracted by the negative sentiments.
As for the children it’s important to investigate schools and access to other activities.
Even after you the research your new home, your chosen place of residence may not work for you once you get there. It is advisable to first have a rented home on a short term basis so that you can choose what suits you.

No matter the reason why you are moving or how straight your situation, unless you are a recognized citizen of the country you are moving into, you will have to make the required arrangements for work and resident permits. You may also require a visa because without all this documentation a lot of things will be put on hold for example, opening a bank account, clearing your household goods etc.
The processing of these documents vary per country, since they may take time to process, so it’s important to understand well in advice what should be provided and get everything processed before your belongings can be transported to the new country since they will be required for customs clearance at the new country.

There will still be bills to pay or money to transfer to your new country.
Since banks don’t offer the best exchange rates for money transfers, it will be better to consider using the foreign exchange bureaus. Be cautious of caring large amounts of money as many countries have restrictions on the amount of money you may carry into their borders. This also increases the risk of theft, large amounts of money should be discouraged during your trip.

When moving overseas you need to know what the new country rules and laws on pets transportation involves, you will need to consider a professional pet transport company who will help with the processing the paperwork. From vet visits, vaccinations and quarantine ,they will know the most efficient and comfortable way to get your pet to the destination country safe and sound.
It’s also important to note and keep in mind that in some locations, it’s not easy to find a pet friendly rental home or even an apartment can be difficult and this is where research plays a major role.

Be sure to follow up and check on your tax obligations both at home and the destination country.

It’s important to find out what are the requirements for health insurance and the amount it covers in the new country, even if there seems to be no reason to acquire one, it’s never a good idea not to acquire health insurance.
It is important to have information on your health records from your previous doctor about any current treatments. This information will include your current treatment and any medications you may be taking. In the event of any emergency, medical staff in the destination country will be able to access this information to provide care to you or any family member. If there is a language barrier between the origin and destination country you should consider translating your medical records to make it easier for the medical staff to understand.

It’s always easy to get along in many countries without having to know the local language.
Even just knowing how to say PLEASE, HELLO, EXCUSE ME…helps to make life in the new country easier.
It also helps to understand symbols or signs in public places and even paying bills.
Classes are also a good way to learn the local language and even make friends.
Consider using any of these free or low cost resources:
1. DuoLingo – Excelent Free tool. <>
2. The Foreign Service Institutes’ varied list of courses. <>
3. The Omniglot Intro to languages. <>
4. BBC languages’ intro to almost 40 different languages. <>

Even those who adjusts easily in new areas or are well adjusted expats yearn a bit of home, the new food that you have never eaten at home leads to irrational cravings, though , there are many expat focused Eat outs with tastes from home, though the prices may be very expensive.
Buy a few cook books to help recreate your favorite meals back home or even discover new ones with a twist of the local foods from the new country
One can help reduce the missing through, installing apps like Skype, Face time so as to have face to face chats with family or friends.

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