Sep 13

The process of hiring a nanny/housekeeper is not easy and it can be quite daunting! Having someone come into your home and around all your personal belongings including kids is basically entrusting them with some great responsibilities, quite often more than anyone else in your life.

We’ve all heard those traumatic stories of house helps either by choice or lack of information have let some crazy things happen, We’ve all heard of that story where you as the employer come back home to an empty house and the house help standing there in the cold asking why you took so long to also tell her where you were moving.

Essentially, robbers swindled her into believing that you had ordered them to come to your home and move all your items to your new house, she lets them in and even assists. To your dismay, you’re just about to start furnishing your home from scratch. We wouldn’t wish such an experience on anyone and that’s why, we did this post, to educate you that there is a better option.

This post will ease that worry of ever hiring a house manager and let you know what to expect so you and your house manager can enjoy a long and fabulous working relationship built on trust and respect.

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