For any parent who has moved with young children, this is an all too familiar narrative.

Aug 02

“Home! I want to go hooooooome!” my 3-year-old son, David, wailed through a waterfall of tears. “Hoooome!” I rocked him back and forth in my lap, trying to figure out how to respond.

“Baba, we are home,” I finally offered, pointing around his room in our new house, which we had moved into just three days before. “Look, there’s your crocodile, your dinosaurs, your…”

“Nooooo! No, no!” he shrieked. “I want to go home!”

For any parent who has moved with young children, this is an all too familiar narrative.

We know, moving in itself is stressful. Multiply that stress level exponentially when children are involved — whether that be moving with kids out of the country or a few neighborhoods over, moving with kids after a loss, or even moving with small toddlers.

While there can be many unfortunate circumstances, moving is quite often, for positive reasons. Be sure to include your children in the process so they know it is an exciting time for the whole family.



Remember, more often than not, they are letting go of the only home they’ve ever known, so identifying ways to ensure your child’s experience is a positive one is easier than you might expect.


Taylor Movers are encouraged to meet the child at his or her level. Once the child feels comfortable with the people who are hired to move the entire contents of their life, the anxiety is diffused and the child is more willing to join in the adventure.

Here are five key moving with kids tips:


1) Harness the good in change, and frame the move as a grand adventure. Plan a fun event after the move is complete. Make a favorite meal or buy a new piece of furniture you know they’ll love, such as a bean bag, inexpensive tent for the new room, or a wall decal of their favorite cartoon character.


2) Remove the unknown by planning ahead. Keep the move a daily topic, especially as the day nears. You’ll pick up on anxiety triggers allowing you to handle potential issues ahead of time.

3) Pack special toys and teddies in a carry-on that never leaves the child’s side. Keeping their favorite things close is a sure-fire way to curry comfort and reduce anxiety.


4) Make introductions to the drivers on move day. Our movers care about pets and kids, and there are countless stories of our teams going above and beyond for our clients’ loved ones. While moving can be stress-filled, professional movers know that they are hired to minimize this to any degree they’re able.


5) Take advantage of opportunities to be inclusive with your children. Many kids just want to have a place in the process. There are numerous opportunities that give them a role while keeping them out of the way. Ensure their special tasks are safe but rewarding.
If you and your chosen movers handle your experience with care while following these moving with kids tips, your transition will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Special Move Gear


Taylor Movers has a special package that lets parents choose the inclusive activities that can be incorporated into their move. Click here to see what’s new in our additional services page, just for your kids.


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