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Cancer has become a big menace in the current society. Just recently this illness has robbed the country off prominent individuals such as Bob Collymore a very successful corporate leader, and a role model to many,  Ken Okoth a young promising member of parliament as well as Joyce Laboso who was among the very first female governors in the Kenya. Other than these prominent individuals in society, the illness affects many people in society who have to cope with the huge financial as well as emotional burden associated with this illness. Statistics from the World Health Organisation indicates that the levels of new cases of cancer have continued to increase over the years and this is a result of numerous factors such as the type of lifestyle that is led by people. It is possible to reduce the risk of cancer, and here are some tips that can assist you in minimizing the risk of this illness.  

Healthy diet 

The type of diet that you take up has a profound effect on your level of health, and it is, therefore, important to be mindful of the food that you eat in order to minimize the chances of getting cancer. It is advisable to reduce the level of intake of foods with high levels of fats, salt as well as sugar while at the same time increase the level of intake of whole-grain foods, vegetables as well as fruits which is an effective way of promoting good health.  

Avoid the use of tobacco substances 

Statistics from the World Health Organisation indicate that nearly 50% of long-term cigarette smokers end up with health complications, which include various forms of cancer, for instance lung cancer. It is advisable to avoid the use of tobacco, and if you currently use cigarettes, it is advisable to make the decision to quit this habit as it reduces the chances of contracting cancer.  

Maintain a healthy weight 

It is important to ensure that you maintain a healthy weight since overweight and obesity issues could contribute to the risks of cancer. It is important for you to carry out regular weight checks and engage in physical activity that allows the burning of extra calories in the body. It is advisable for you to enroll in a gym and get an instructor who will guide you on the right way to carry out physical exercises as well as the appropriate diet take in.  

Regular cancer screening 

There are many types of cancers in the body that can be detected in the early stages and dealt with in a accordingly. The earlier the cancer is detected in the body, the higher the chances of successful treatment, and therefore, it is advisable that you take part in cancer screening every once in a while. There are instances where non-governmental organization offer such services for free, and it is, therefore, important to take advantage of such opportunities as they could be a lifesaver.  


It is possible to reduce the risk of cancer by getting vaccination against certain viral infections. By getting a vaccination of illnesses such as Hepatitis B and HPV, it is possible to minimize the risks of acquiring certain types of cancers such as liver cancer and cervical cancer.  

It is worth noting that there are different factors that may cause cancer in the body and while it may not be entirely possible to fully avoid the risks of cancer it is possible to minimize them to a large extent by living a healthy life. 

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