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Kenya is one of the strongest developing countries in East Africa. It is the most chosen spot for expanding to other East African nations. Whether you want to expand your business, relocate to other parts of Kenya, or relocate to a completely different country, there is a lot of planning and hard work involved. This is exactly why you are going to need professional removal and storage companies in Kenya. For relocation, the requirements of every client are unique.

 To meet your specific requirement, it is important to have experience in relocation. You can rest assured that professional removal and storage companies in Kenya will have the necessary expertise to accomplish your specific requirement during relocation. It can be a difficult scenario for those who are planning a relocation for the first time. We understand that you are not sure about the whole process of shifting and relocation. Starting from packing your valuable articles to making a plan of the route of transportation, the professional removal and storage companies in Kenya will assist you in every possible way.

Importance of Professional Removal and Storage Companies in Kenya

One of the most important reasons to hire professional removal and storage companies in Kenya is effective time management. Those who are planning for a relocation, for them, time is of the essence. The professional removal and storage companies in Kenya will always maintain a schedule for every client. Thus, they offer timely services and maintain the efficiency in handling multiple clients.

Security is another important reason to hire professional removal and storage companies. When you are planning an international relocation, there comes a time when your valuable articles need to be stored in a warehouse during the transition. Professional removal and storage companies will have licensed and secured warehouses to keep your valuable belongings safe.

The quality of materials and equipment used for packing and relocation is a very important reason why you should always choose professional removal and storage companies in Kenya. During relocation, the safety of your valuables is very important. The professional removal and storage companies in Kenya will offer damage proof packaging materials. They will make sure that all the packed articles are delivered safely without a single damage.

Offering insurance is another important reason why you should always opt for professional removal and storage companies in Kenya. You might find a lot of unregistered relocation companies offering cheap rates. But they are not going to offer any insurance or coverage in case your valuable article gets damaged during relocation. Any professional relocation company will offer insurance in case of accidents or other unforeseen incidents that can cause damage to your valuable articles.

Finally, professional removal and storage companies in Kenya are authentic. They are certified and licensed. Professional companies have genuine customer testimonials and reviews that will give you are a detailed insight into the quality of relocation services they offer. They will also offer you a genuine and affordable rate which is not too high and not too cheap to lure customers.

A Detailed Insight into Full-Service Movers in Kenya

There are a lot of full-service movers in Kenya that feel offering transportation during relocation services is a very risky job, especially in Kenya. In other countries, offering the facility of transportation is not as risky as it is in Kenya. The reason is, Kenya doesn’t have a self-regulating body, for instance, there is nothing like “Association of Kenyan Movers”. So, a lot of people consider the transportation services during relocation is not exactly a safe option.

The relocation and shifting industry is well-established in Kenya, but, unfortunately, the professional removal and shifting services are not considered as an independent industry. Also, the transporters of relocation companies don’t have any different identity than other general transporters. Thus, a lot of full-service movers in Kenya have similarities with general transportation companies in their procedures, documentation, and work culture. The transportation companies apparently call themselves as professional movers on their brochures and websites, but the overall work culture of their back office is completely different.

Full-service removal and storage companies in Kenya take up more risks compared to general transportation companies. The sole purpose of professional removal and storage companies in Kenya is to offer the best quality services in the most efficient way to reduce any risk. The relocation service agencies have understood the significance of investing in different sectors like staff-recruitment, training, and relocation of equipment and resources. Unlike start-ups, the well-established and professional removal and storage companies in Kenya already invest in ‘move insurance’. Presently, the companies are also offering Goods in Transit Insurance and Marine Insurance as well.

Though Kenya is gradually becoming a popular country with a strong economic background, still, the relocation and shifting industry is not well established. In first world countries, there are clearly written regulations that drive and dictate the minimum duties and responsibilities of relocation companies. Kenya is looking to establish itself as a first world country with its improved economic condition in the last decade. The strong and long-term industry associations with other countries have enabled professional removal and storage companies to offer top-notch services for their clients. This has also enhanced the popularity of the industry.

Initially, professional removal and storage companies in Kenya faced difficulties in gaining the trust of people during local and international relocations and especially corporate relocation assignments. Safety was the primary concern. It was the top-class companies like Taylor Movers that restored the faith in local and international relocations by offering absolutely flawless services.

What Makes Taylor Movers the Leading Removal and Storage Company in Kenya?

One of the most important reasons why Taylor Movers leads the removal and storage companies in Kenya is, they offer the best and most secured air, ground and ocean freight services. They focus on meeting every customer’s relocation requirements, be it international or regional. The transportation experts of Taylor Movers will help you in planning and manage all your belongings from one place to another. In time delivery during relocation is extremely important. Taylor Movers has an international team that offers every single client with document management and customs brokerage services that ensure your cargo reaches the destination within the scheduled time.

Being the leading removal and storage company in Kenya, Taylor Movers offers extremely secured warehouses that offer both long and short-term storage services during relocation. The warehouses are checked and maintained regularly to ensure high standard security is offered to every client for their storage. A unique feature of Taylor Movers is. They offer the most secured storage and relocation services overseas with the help of their international licensed partners. Anywhere you relocate, rest assured that your valuables are absolutely secured with Taylor Movers.

Another reason why Taylor Movers leads removal and storage companies in Kenya is that they offer a complete package of commercial and corporate relocation services. Taylor Movers has experienced project managers who will be in contact with you throughout the complete relocation process so that there are no disruptions in operations. Taylor Movers focuses on the unique requirement of each and every client and fulfills them with their cross-border network and Furniture, Equipment and Fittings (FE&F) services. With the help of experienced and professional project managers, they are able to oversee multiple projects and deliver within the agreed timeline.

Among all the relocation companies in Kenya, Taylor Movers offers the most affordable, secure and flexible storage and relocation facility. You will have the option of storing your valuables for weeks or even for months if you need. A lot of companies might offer cheap rates to gain customers and some companies might charge ridiculously high rates. Taylor Movers also has the option of urgent relocation services. You can get in touch with the customer care executive of Taylor Movers at any time of day or night. They are available 24*7.

When it comes to relocation and shifting, having specialized gadgets and equipment is extremely important. Taylor Movers have got the top-quality packing materials for both local and international packing. The technically advanced gadgets featuring climate control and generator-powered equipment are perfect for cryogenic shipments. Apart from this, Taylor Movers also has a comprehensive line of freight load trucking solutions for domestic and international relocations.

If you are relocating for the first time, you would definitely want to opt for the services that are certified, renowned and offer absolute peace of mind. Taylor Movers is just the right one for you because, the company not only offers planned and timely relocation, but it also helps in unloading and unpacking your valuable articles when you reach your new destination. To get all the above-mentioned services, contact and get a quote from Taylor Movers today.

During relocation, it is extremely important to get the most reliable and authorized removal and storage companies in Kenya. It cannot be denied that relocation is a tedious task and one cannot simply take care of the complete process unless he/she is experienced. It will be of immense help to you if you consider the above-mentioned factors while you are looking to hire a certified relocation company in Kenya.

Dec 04

Kenya is undoubtedly one of the best and most gorgeous countries in Africa. A lot of people dream about the tropical weather, enjoying lazy afternoons in the sun with a cold beer in the white sandy beaches while looking into an amazing landscape. These are truly some of the best experiences you can have in Kenya. With the lush plains, stunning weather, awe-inspiring mountain ranges and a coastal region as beautiful as the Caribbean, Kenya will surely blow your mind. The capital city Nairobi is a vibrant one with 3 million people. With an economic growth rate of 6.9% in 2015, Kenya is definitely showing signs of progress and Nairobi is its epicentre.

In the last few years, many relocation organizations have set up their regional headquarters in Kenya, especially in the capital city Nairobi. Kenya is surely one of the best places to relocate, but at the same time, it is not the easiest country to live in. If you plan on relocating to Nairobi for a significant period of time, then you must consider the full service movers in Kenya. It will be a huge learning curve, but you need to embrace the cultural differences. To make your relocation easier, we have brought a comprehensive analysis about what the leading full service movers in Kenya have to say. But before that, let us get a brief idea about how good Kenya is, as a country.

How Good is Kenya as a Relocation Option?

Nairobi has been named as the ‘most intelligent city’ in Africa. When it comes to infrastructure, Nairobi is among the most developed cities. It has high-speed internet, a forward-moving economy, 24-hour establishments, superb housing and the city is a 24×7 business hub that has got something for everyone.

Kenya has got an amazing wildlife, and that is why the country is known as ‘unofficial African Safari Central’. The plains and conservancies of Kenya are home to some of the breath-taking wildlife you will ever see. The best part of this country is, you can opt for beautifully formulated safari packages where you get to see the animals in their natural habitat.

If you plan on relocating to Kenya, it is better to opt for the full service movers. Africans are mostly peace loving and friendly people. But there have been increased security risks in the recent years. So, the professional and full service movers in Kenya will be well accustomed to safety and security issues and prioritize in keeping your valuables safe throughout the relocation process.

The city of Nairobi has a plethora of car owners. A lot of people rely on the public transportation too. You can either choose a bus or you can also opt for the ‘matatu’ (a minivan). The buses and minivans are the most affordable means of transport in Kenya. The full service movers in Kenya will offer you the best and safest transportation throughout your relocation service.

In any relocation process, mastering the art to avoid traffic is extremely important. Between 7:00 am to 9:00 am in the morning, there is a long trail of slow moving cars in Nairobi. The full service movers in Kenya, are well accustomed to the roads and the peak time for traffic. It won’t be a difficult task to avoid a bad start in the mornings while shifting from one place to another.

The cost of living in Kenya will depend on your preferred life. If you prefer a thrifty lifestyle, you can live on as little as Ksh25,000 shillings for a month. For an upper-middle-class single person, the cost of living is around Ksh60,000 shillings for a month. And a luxurious lifestyle costs Ksh200,00 shillings a month.

A Comprehensive Analysis of Full Service Movers in Kenya

A lot of full service movers in Kenya feel that providing transportation during relocation can be a risky job compared to providing transportation for relocation in other countries. There are two primary reasons for such feeling among the leading full service movers in Kenya. First of all, there is no written law and secondly, Kenya doesn’t have a self-regulating body like an “Association of Kenyan Movers”. Another important factor is necessary to consider in this scenario. Though the relocation industry has become well established in Kenya, still the professional moving category didn’t do enough for distinguishing itself as a separate and independent industry with a completely different identity than general transporters.

Thus, numerous leading full service movers in Kenya have a lot of similarities in documentation, procedures, image, and culture which are identical to the general transportation companies. These transportation companies don’t hesitate to call themselves as professional movers on their front end (brochures, websites, etc.), but their back office operates in a completely different mode. Their system is not the right one for a modern day moving company. Thus, it is absolutely imperative to carefully select the professional and full service movers in Kenya during any relocation process.

In reality, the full service movers in Kenya take up a lot of risks compared to the transportation companies. The primary objective of the leading full service movers in Kenya is offering timely services with high levels of expertise and reducing the risk. All the moving and relocation service agencies have realized the importance of heavy investments in professional staff recruitment, training, and moving the resources and equipment. Compared to start-up relocation and moving agencies, the leading and well-established relocation companies have shifted their attention in offering ‘move insurance’. At present, the companies are also offering ‘Goods in Transit Insurance’ and ‘Marine Insurance’. Apart from road accidents, there can be other damages and losses related to moving which can happen because of poor handling, planning, and packing. With these insurances, the leading relocation companies have already started avoiding the above-mentioned losses.

In major economies, moving and relocation is an extremely well-regulated industry that has written laws. These laws guide the minimum responsibilities and duties of relocation companies. Even the moving companies are provided with licenses. With the improvement in economic condition in the last decade, Kenya is gradually moving towards being a ‘1st World Country’. The strong industry associations have enabled the leading full service movers in Kenya to offer top-class services to their clients and enhance the name of the industry. Though Kenya faced an economic drawback in 2016 with a growth rate of 5.5%, it is projected to increase at a constant rate to 5.8% in 2018 and 6.1% in 2019. The leading full service movers in Kenya will have a lot of business opportunities to explore. This will help in enhancing the standards, create an order and establish the relocation services as an independent and dominant industry in Kenya.

Initially, it was difficult for the full service movers in Kenya to gain the trust of people with their relocation services, especially if it is corporate relocation. The major concern was the safety of their valuables during the process. It was the top-notch relocation companies like Taylor Movers that assured clients by offering absolutely flawless relocation and moving services and established a strong foothold in this industry in Kenya. At present, you will find a lot of full service movers in Kenya, which reflects the growth of the relocation industry. Till now, Taylor Movers have proved to be the most experienced and effective one. Once you check out their services page, you will get to know why is Taylor Movers the best Kenyan mover and packer company.

Remember These Factors for a Smooth Relocation to Kenya

As we mentioned above, Kenyans are very friendly people, so if you are planning to relocate to Kenya, all you have to do is make a slight effort to know people and they will immediately take you in. If you feel like a new entrant, just go out and do the things that you enjoy doing.

Nairobi may not be a perfect city, but it is wonderfully modern. The supply of water, electricity, the internet is pretty fast and steady. With the superhighways, highways, and flyovers, Nairobi is a well-connected city which offers smooth local and international relocation.

There is no language barrier in Kenya. Almost everyone speaks English fluently. So, you can make yourself at home. Speaking of home, the real estate market has flourished significantly in Kenya where you can get readily available apartments ranging from Ksh90,000 to Ksh300,000.

When you are selecting full service movers in Kenya, don’t forget to check the licenses and insurances offered by the relocation companies. This will ensure that you are contacting a genuine company for all your relocation requirements.

Check for the reviews and testimonials from previous customers of full service movers in Kenya. This will offer you a clear insight into any hidden charges and the quality of services offered by the relocation companies in Kenya.

Whether you choose to work in Kenya, set up a business or just come to take a tour, this country has got a lot to offer. If you are moving to Kenya, the best relocation company to contact is Taylor Movers. You will be provided with sufficient amount of storage to keep your belongings safe throughout the relocation.