Mar 17

Corona is here. The Kenyan government announced quarantine measures as from 16th March. All day primary and secondary schools were ordered to close and Universities to close on 20th March. The president requested employers to allow their employees if possible to work from home.

Majority of people are used to the work from the office and relax at home kind of routine and it can be difficult to be productive at home especially if you have kids. Also a lot of distractions come from such an environment.

Here are some tips on how to work from home productively.

Setup or identify a working space

Not everyone has a home office so you need to work with what you have. Identify a room or place that will get your productive juices flowing for the next couple of days. It could be the dining area or the balcony or even the sitting room, make sure its secluded and comfortable enough. Make it as comfy as possible and all you need should be in that space.

Let people know of your plans and routine

For those people who don’t leave alone, it is important to set some ground rules for the roommate or family members. Let them know you are still working to minimize distractions. This will know where not to go and not touch your items. It is basically a way to let them respect your space.

Setup your schedule and stick to it

Your productivity depends on setting up a schedule on your work load for a day, preferably the day before. This is to ensure all your deliverables are catered for and you won’t fall behind on any project. The most important bit it STICK TO THE SCHEDULE.

Have breaks and once in a while take some fresh air

Staying indoors will make your feel enclosed. Step outside for a walk, take a nap or even play with the kids a little. Monotony is not good for anyone. Discover an indoors hobby. After all the commuting time has been cut down to zero.


High time you start those home workout routines

We have those body goals that we want to reach and one of the best excuses is work. Now you have work with you at home and well you can get a workout scheduled within the day. Keeping in mind that you need to eat healthy.

Don’t throw your normal routine away

Your normal routine should help you shape your day to maintain productivity and keep you sane. With some minor adjustments with the environment and a little fun you will be fine. You don’t have to put on that tie or a dress code, the comfy clothes can come out to play.

Mar 06

Everyone wants their home to look amazing and beautiful, to be appealing to not only their eyes but even for visitors. The living room is a room where we sit down the most, either by ourselves to relax or have a chat with friends and family. It should express comfort in a fancy way and accessories do this. Well its easier said than done, here are some tips that can help you accessorize your living room for both comfort with a touch of your personality.

Get creative with a theme

First things first, you have to mark up a theme that you want for your living room. Themes vary from contemporary, modern, African, cabin, Mediterranean, vintage etc. all the themes represent different things and accessories help you put the point across. If you have already bought your furniture, it is easy to add a touch of what you want in your living room through accessories. For example, African themes you can use earth colours, buy African items, a fancy African drum or use African print covers in your cushions and covers. Themes help you build the foundation of what you will need when decorating.

Pop some color

Also get a color scheme for the living room. Maybe warm colors like orange, red, yellow etc. or go the cool way with blue, green etc. Your personality can help with this. What are your favorite colors and do they go together?  This can be incorporated with your theme and matching it up to tailor it to what you want.

Centre it creatively

Having a centerpiece like a sofa and sofa table, bookshelf, fire place etc. it depends on what you have and what you want. It helps you avoid a clutter effect in the room. Your able to have well placed small pieces and complement the look. Grouping items together to create a fancy feel around the room.

Show your attitude with some ornaments

Having ornaments placed strategically in the room. This include paintings, photos, accent clocks and mirrors, ornaments, carvings, plants etc. they assist in telling the story and complement the theme of the room i.e. An African theme, one could use a painting of an Africa, African mask, African beaded ornaments and carvings while still keeping in mind of what you have.

Rug it up and Pile it up

Rugs are getting more and more a necessity in any room and in the living room it creates a warm feeling to the room. Pillows add comfort, might as well help pop the color on the sofa.

Don’t forget to have fun, let the creative in you show.